Бабушкин самовар – Grandmother`s samovar


My granny has a big and paunchy samovar. The most honorable place in the house belongs to him. It always is on the table covered by lacy tablecloth in the large dining room. The whole day samovar keeps silence on its place, warmed with sun rays. But every evening it seems to come to life. It is the time of the reign of our samovar.

All begins when our grandmother fills the samovar with water and puts it to boil. When the water boils, samovar begins to put on airs.

Of course! It is the most important person now. The plump sides of samovar glitter merrily and it begins to stand in its beauty and attracts our attention. Sometimes it hisses, sometimes it gurgles. And so threateningly, as if it wants to say:" It`s time to have tea".

Our granny put down jam in the saucers on the table and samovar begins to treat. It gathers the whole family at the table and treat to the tasty tea.

We like our merry samovar.

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