Білет № 1 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова


Ви перебуваєте на канікулах в іншому місті. поінформуйте своїх батьків по телефону про те, де Ви зупинилися, яка погода, як Ви проводите час і що збираєтеся робити увечері. Yesterday I arrived in Great Britain. I decided to stay in one of the small hotels in London. My room is very comfortable. There is a bed, a wardrobe, an armchair and a desk here. I want to take a shower and to have breakfast. As for my other plans they depend on the weather. You know that the weather is very changeable in Great Britain.

The British Isles, which are surrounded by the ocean have climate that is moister and more equable than that of Central Europe. The climate is mild, and strong frosts are rare. Due to the moderating influences of the sea and of the Gulf Stream, the January temperature is higher and the July temperature lower than in any other country of the same latitude. That is why the British ports are ice-free and its rivers not frozen throughout the year.

There is an abundance of rainfall in the west. As a result, there are thick fogs which last for days and weeks at a time during the autumn and winter. The lack of sunshine hinders the cultivation of many species of plants, especially grain crops. However, grasses grow all the year round, providing fodder for cattle and giving the English countryside its characteristic verdant green.

If the weather isn’t rainy I’ll go to the Regent’s Park and to the Zoo. If it rains I’ll attend St. Paul’s Cathedral. I read a lot of information about its architect Sir Christopher Wren. For 35 years the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral went on, and Wren was an old man before it was finished. After that I’m going to have supper in one of the small cafes. At 9 o’clock I’ll return to the hotel and go to bed because tomorrow I’m planning to see the Tower of London, the National Gallery and many other sightseeing’s.

  • to stay — зупинятися           
  • changeable — мінливий
  • latitude — широта     
  • surrounded — оточені
  • abundance — величезна кількість   
  • moister — вологий
  • to take a shower — приймати душ  
  • equable — рівний


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