Шкільні твори з англійської мови

When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession, your future life has become. It’s not an easy to make the right choice of a job. I have known for long time that leaving school is the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious examination of my abilities and character.  What do I want to be when I leave school ? It’s very  important question for me. A few years ago it was difficult for me to give a definite answer. As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times about what science or field of  industry to specialize in. It’s  difficult to make up my mind and choose one of the hundreds jobs to which I might be better suited.

Frankly speaking, I have a lot of friends. Most of them are my classmates. They say that I am a good mixer and always have a way with people. But my bosom-friend is Olga. We are of the same age, we are both 15. She is pleasant looking girt not very tall but pleasantly plump. They say, she is the very image of her father, but, to my mind, she takes a lot after her Mum in looks – fair curly hair and dark blue eyes. When she smiles, 2 pretty dimples appear on her cheeks. To my mind, she is really a beauty.

I think, every person always dreams  about the place where he can speak about his problems, chat with close friends, where he can feel happy and quiet. For me it is my family and my home. It is the best place in the world and my dearest people live here.  My family is not large we are 4. I have a father, a mother and a brother. We all live together in a new flat.

We live in Usinsk. It’s a small town with the population of about 60 thousand people situated near the river Usa in the north-east of the Komi Republic. Usinsk is young it was founded in 1975. It is a multinational town, the people of many nationalities live here – the Russians, the Ukranians, the Tatars, the Komis, the Bashkirs and so on.

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