Шкільні твори з англійської мови

Peterhof is situated about 29 km from St.P. on the southern shore of the Guilt of Finland. It was founded by Peter the Great who gave it Dutch name “Peterhof” . It became the fist summer residence of Peter the great, a palace for holiday.

The construction of the Upper Chamber (grand palace) began in 1714. The idea of the project came from Peter. The first architect was Johann Brounstein. After him many architect rebuilding the monument. The palace was built in the baroque style. In palace there are many rooms. The most interesting rooms are: the chesma room, the throne room and the dining room.

When I started running seven years ago, I could manage only about a quarter of a mile before I had to stop. Breathless and aching, I walked the next quarter of a mile, then I jogged the next quarter of a mile, alternating these two activities for a couple of miles. Within a few weeks I could jog half way round Hampstead Heath without stop-ping. Soon I started to run up the quarter-mile slope to the top of Parliament Hill, although I had to stop at the top to get my breath back.

Almost every nation and country has a reputation of some kind. The Englishmen are reputed to be cold, reserved, rather naughty easy-going and fond of sport. They are the nation of stay-at-homes. «There is no place like home», they say. The English man’s home is his castle is a saying known all over the world. They prefer a small house built for one family, with a small garden are a fire in the centre of the house. They like animals very much and follow the traditions concerning food and meals. We know much about English traditions and customs but now I’d like to say a few words about the traditions of my native land-Russia. First, about Russian people. To my mind, the main traits of their characters which differ them from other people are hospitality, their «open heart», «golden hands», wise Russian fairytales reflect this wisdom. Our people are hardworking, patient, never loosing hope for better life.

Many Hollywood films became more overtly political in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but it took Hollywood five years to come to terms with the tragedy itself. Paul Greengrass’s United 93 (2006), which preceded Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center by four months, faithfully and painfully re-creates the events of that dark day, in which the hijacked passengers fought a group of terrorists to bring down their plane over a Pennsylvania field before it could do significant damage elsewhere.

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Quentin Tarantino made a name for himself as a purveyor of stylish violence in Reservoir Dogs (1992), a brutal crime thriller, and then capped his reputation with Pulp Fiction (1994), one of the most complex and intelligent Keitel as a corrupt, drug-addicted New York policeman.