Шкільні твори з англійської мови

1. Is the USA the richest and one of the most developed countries in the world? (Yes, it is).
2. Is the territory of the USA large? (Yes, it is. The territory of the USA is almost 9,400,000 square kilometers).
3. What oceans is the USA washed by? (It is washed by tlie Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean in the north).
4. What is the population of the USA? (The population of the USA is 252 mln people).
5. Is the climate different in different parts of the USA? [Yes, it is. The climate is different in different parts: from a polar climate in Alaska to a continental in the greater part of the country, and subtropical and tropical in the south of the USA).
6. Is New York the capital of the USA? (No, it isn’t. Washington is the capital of the USA).
7. What mineral resources is the country very rich in? (It is rich in coal, oil, uranium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals ores, gas and many others).
8. What are the largest cities in the USA? (The largest cities in the USA are: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles).
Word List mineral resources — корисні копалини

The USA is the most powerful and highly developed country of the world. It is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The USA is separated from Canada in the north by the 49th parallel and the Great Lakes, and from Mexico in the South by а Ііле following the Rio Grande River and continuing across the highlands to the Pacific Ocean.

Ukraine is a sovereign state. It has its own territory, higher and local bodies of state power and government, national emblem, state flag and anthem. The population of Ukraine are Ukrainians (73,6). Besides, Russians (21,1%), Jews (1,3%), Byelorussians (0,8%), Moldovians (0,6%), Poles and Bulgarians (0,5% each) and other nations and nationalities live here. There are 24 administrative regions and the Autonomy Republic of Crimea in Ukraine. The geographical position of Ukraine is very favourable to the development of its relations with countries of Europe, as well as with the countries throughout the world. It borders on the Russian Federation, Belaruss, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.