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Самый оригинальный композитор своего времени Генри Перселл писал музыку для церкви, сцены, двора и для частных развлечений. Он соединял хорошие знания музыкальных достижений прошлого с явным интересом к работам его современников, особенно к итальянской музыке XVII века. Персепл родился в Вестминстере (теперь часть Лондона) в Англии в 1659 году. Насколько известно, он провел всю свою жизнь в Вестминстере. Его отец был музыкантом на службе у короля, и Перселл получил образование как хорист в Королевской Капелле. Он занимал различные посты, включая пост настройщика органа в Вестминстерском Аббатстве. Перселл стал одним из органистов в Королевской Капелле в 1682 году. После смерти короля Чарльза II в 1685 году он посвятил много времени написанию музыки для сцены. Композиции Перселла, многие из которых были опубликованы только после его смерти, включают многочисленные песни. Его опера «Дидона и Эней» была впервые исполнена в 1689 году. Он также писал музыку для клавесина и сочетаний различных инструментов. Его инструментальная музыка включает 13 фантазий для ансамблей из различного количества виол и серию сонат для струнных инструментов с органом и клавесином. Он также написал музыку для 43 пьес. Его музыка к «Сказочной Королеве» (1692) является адаптацией к пьесе Вильяма Шекспира «Сон в летнюю ночь». Его песни, хотя и не вполне оперы, были не просто пьесами с добавлением музыки. Работы Перселла для Королевской Капеллы включают в себя несколько од — шесть из них написаны на день рождения королевы Мэри и четыре на день святой Сесилии и гимн «Мое сердце поет» (1685), написанный на день коронации Джеймса II. Опера «Индийская Королева» (1695), последняя работа Перселла; осталась незавершенной из-за его смерти. Она была завершена его братом Даниэлем.

Dear Rachel,

I want to tell you about our ideas on the project. On Monday, the 20th of October we had meeting with my colleagues and we have spoken about our future plans. It is a good idea to prepare a video-conference at the end of November or at the beginning of December. t would be very convenient for all teachers. We have good relationships with Tomsk State University, I mean the Institute of Distant Education and it could provide us good connections. Our teacher offer to make a video-conference according to the following topics: Let us introduce our self, about school traditions; about Russian and English youth, its subcultures and personal attitudeto the history of the cities Bristol and Tomsk; For teachers: to make a video-conference about teaching English as a second language. The following questions could be discussed: Information Technologies at studying foreign languages (Internet, e-mail-games at lessons, tests), Partnership between school and Tomsk polytechnic University (preparation for the exams in English, City and Guilds-programmes). A new direction in the partnership could be a project “Intercultural communication between two countries – Russia and Britain.

Business relationships in Japan are characterized by a well-structured hierarchy and a strong emphasis on nurturing personal contacts. Generally, they are built up over long periods of time or are based on common roots, such as birthplace, school or college. Also, an unusually strong emphasis is placed on social activities to strengthen ties. It is not surprising, therefore, that those looking in from the outside may see the Japanese business world as comparatively hard to break into. In fact, there are many different kinds of business relationships, but most share two features they have been built up slowly and carefully, and much time is spent in keeping them up to date.

The climate of Ukraine is determined by its geographical location. Ukraine’s territory lies in the temperate belt. In general the country’s climate is climate is temperately continental, being subtropical only on the southern coast of the Crimea. The differences in climate are caused by many factors: the latitude, relief, altitude and proximity to seas and oceans. A characteristic feature of the climate is an increase in its continental nature from west to east. A feature of Ukraine’s climate is the considerable fluctuation in weather conditions from year to year. Alongside very wet years there can be droughts, whose effect increases to the south and east. There are frequent oscillations in weather in the regions of the Crimean and Carpathian Mountains. On the southern coast of the Crimea the climate is subtropical Mediterranean, inasmuch as the Crimean Mountains obstruct the movement of cold Arctic air to the coast. These climatic features have contributed to the creation of the one of the best resort areas in Ukraine. Winter is rather cold in Ukraine. There is much snow in the northern and western parts of the country. Average temperature of January is 7-8 degrees below zero. It often rains in the Carpathian Mountains. In the south and east the weather is dry especially in summer. The average yearly temperature in Ukraine varies between +5.5…+7 C in the north and +11…+13C in the south. In Zaporozhye region the climate is close to continental. We have hot summers and cool winters without heavy snowfalls and frosts. In spring and autumn the climate is moderate. They say the climate in Ukraine like anywere else is getting milder with every coming year. It depends on many reasons.

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The Clash of Civilisations is a theory that was proposed by one of the political scientists, whose name is Samuel P. Huntington. The author is of opinion that all the conflicts are because of the cultural and religious identities among people. S. Huntington is certain about the conflicts in the future; he believes the clash of civilizations will prevail over the conflicts of the global politics.