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New York is the largest city in the USA and the biggest seaport. It is the business centre of the United States. New York is situated in the mouth of the Hudson river. In comparison with such ancient historical cities as, say, Rome, London, Moscow or Paris, New York is quite young. It was founded in 1613 by Dutch settlers.

I enjoyed my last winter holidays very much. I didn’t go anywhere. But I had a good time staying at home. I had a plenty of time and read many books, magazines, newspapers every day. I also watched TV, listened to the music and went out for a walk. The weather wasn’t fine all the time. And when it was sunny and it did not rain, I could walk for a long time. When it was frosty and there was much snow, I played in the yard, went skating, skiing and tobogganing. I helped my parents about the house. I cleaned our flat, cooked meals and washed up. I went shopping almost every day and saw my friends. So I had a wonderful time.

In London the cars and buses go on the left side of the street, and not on the right. In this picture we can see one of the streets of London. There are some cars and buses which are called «double-deckers». The traffic in London is heavy and people must look first to the right and then to the left when they want to cross the street.

В Україні медичну допомогу можна отримати в лікарнях, поліклініках, а також у медичних центрах, розташованих на заводах і в школах. Основу системи охорони здоров’я складають районні терапевти, що ставлять первинний діагноз. Відповідний район прикріплений до поліклініки, і цей район поділяється на кілька частин. Кожна частина закріплена за відповідним терапевтом.

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It’s fun to have holidays, you can do whatever you like, you don’t have to get up too early, do your homework or think of troubles which occur very often at school. I like summer holidays because they are the longest ones. I’d like to tell you about my last summer holidays. I spent them in the Crimea.