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I believe that a change is always for the better. You may ask: “What is a change?” A change is an opportunity to discover yourself in different sides of your personality. Also, it means that you go to the new level of your life position. One of the best examples of a change is a film which is called “Chocolat”. The protagonist of this film is Vianne who arrives with her lovely daughter in a new small town for them.

Музыкальный гигант периода позднего барокко, Джордж Фредерик Гендель родился в Германии, но почти всю свою взрослую жизнь провел в Англии. Он успешно соединил немецкий, французский, итальянский и английский музыкальные стили в 40 операх, 20 ораториях, многочисленных вокальных фрагментах, инструментальных работах и церковной музыке. Гендель родился 23 февраля, 1685 года в городе Галле в Саксонии. Кроме музыки, он изучал право в университете в Галле. Хотя его назначили органистом в соборе в Галле в 1702 году, он переехал в Гамбург на следующий год, где получил должность скрипача в оперном оркестре.

The majority are interested in reading about celebrities. However, all the people are different: the ones would like to be popular everywhere, but the others are more reserved and insular.

In fact, many famous people like being discussed all over the world. They think that due to scandals they will be able to get fame, live in the lap of luxury and have a lot of money. Anyway, that is their point of view.

A cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. People really love cats. Cats became domestic animals several thousands years ago. It happened in Egypt. Now we know that for the ancient Egyptians cats were sacred animals. A cat living in a family was like a personal god for its members. If a fire broke out in a house, the cat was the first to be rescued. If a cat died through somebody’s fault, that person could be severely punished.

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I was everywhere and wasn’t anywhere as usual. I was walking along all roads and paths, was caressing stray cats, was licking new green leaves. It was spring and I just have shaken off my winter cold, my mood was free, warm and new as those leaves.