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Period of life of every man, when he is a teenager, is very difficult and important. Man chooses way of life, forms beliefs and system of values. Teenage years open self-reliance or nonreliance in man. I think subculture is formed by confident, interesting people. Such people are named rebels. Teenagers want to be similar with their idols. They have superficial opinion, knowledge about subculture. Authority is very important thing for teens. Authority, his image live in the head of teen, it helps to know about priopritets, ideals, desires of teen. If parents are authorities, it is well and teen won`t occur on bad situation.

Winter has come. It is cold. It freezes hardly. The earth is covered with deep snowdrifts. Lakes and rivers are frozen over. Trees are wrapped up with the silver shawl. You can not hear the singing of birds. The winter landscape blows the happy and the sad mood at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful season. Sometimes the long cold winter evenings seem to be endless. But I don`t afraid to catch a cold on the contrary I feel the fresh surge of energy. There are a lot of merry entertainments in winter which we do not have in other seasons. We can ski, skate and sledge. A lot of Russia poets were delighted with winter, so they wrote a lot of wonderful poems. I understand the delight of the poets. The winter landscape always strikes my imagination. Winter is my favorite season

Can the world exist without any person? And what role can a person play in the modern world?" – I have asked myself and have come to the conclusion that the given themes are seldom shown up nowadays, and it is not good. Many people have simply stopped appreciating, noticing and respecting all those people who surround them. But it is wrong! It is impossible to live only in the environment of yourself. Albert Einstein said that a person could find the meaning of the life, only having devoted himself to the society. In my opinion, these words are reputable and should be the reference point for each person.

Originally published in 2005 and translated into 37 different languages, Twilight became not only the biggest selling book of the year, but also something like the Bible for the young who are fond of dark romance and stories about magic creatures. With each new book, the Twilight saga got more and more fans, but what is the secret of its unbelievable popularity? Why do young people abandon their favourite computer games and TV-shows and devour Stephenie Meyer`s books one after another? To my mind, there are three major reasons for the tremendous success of the vampire-romance story.

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I am in the 7 "A" grade in secondary school No. 1 in the Orenburg region in the village Akbulak. I am 13 years old. I thought, and decided to tell what could be with me in 2020. And that`s what I thought.

In 2020, perhaps I will live in the capital of our country, Moscow. Probably find new friends, but also with old friends, too, will communicate. I hope to get higher education. Another thing I would like to get a prestigious job, which I can earn money, and if the earnings will be good, I hope I can help my country and people in need. I buy myself a steep car, nice big house. I think so, because now I`m learning well in school, play sport, wear stylish and fashionable clothes, I was popular in society, have been receiving a small income on the Internet. And in 2020 I