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California is one of the biggest states of the USA. California is always associated with Hollywood, Beverly Hills, film production, Los Angeles, big boobs, plastic surgeries, celebrities and the richest people in the world. California becomes a place where an American dream may come true. What is an “American dream”? I think it is a dream of having a big mansion on the beach of the ocean, a good car, a successful job and being famous around the world. Many singers sing about California. The most well-known songs are such as: “Californication”, “California hotel” and “Californian girl”.

The burning issues of modern world are various, but the most burning ones are the moral and spiritual. The relationship of people and the relations of the countries depend on the solution of these problems. It is necessary to solve the problems on the international scene, economic, ecological and educational as well. The answers to the moral questions are in the legends, stories and parables. These are the answers that people have been collecting for ages. And if you see that all these legends and proverbs of different nations are alike, it means that morality is single for all people. This is why people understand each other though theyspeak different languages, and follow their own traditions.

In England, the notion of honour of the family name is almost non-existent (though it exists to some degree in the upper classes, in the other three British nations and among ethnic minorities). In fact, it is easy to change your family name – and you can choose any name you like. In the I980s one person changed his surname to Oddsocks McWeirdo El Tutti Frutti Hello Hippopotamus Bum.

Many people, who live in a small town, daydream about what it would be like to get out of their towns (Sometimes I daydream about it, too because I am young and want to see how the other people live and to know something new which I have never met before. But I adore my hometown!!! They told that their towns were boring but I find interesting to live in a small town which is called Taldykorgan.

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What is the tolerance? Is it really true pledge of survival of people? Is it capable to regulate relations between people and establish the indispensable world for measured coexistence?

Tolerance is the general aspiration, ability to some establishment and maintenance of a certain generality among the people with different race and cultural signs. There are a lot of conflicts and new contradictions between the people of different cultural identification. It has been arising for many centuries. It has been involving some mass human victims, the destruction of spiritual, cultural and material values.