Сочинения на английском языке

Employees of different countries usually go on business trips. Any firm chooses only best export for it. Companies can arrange such trips both in and outside the country. There are many reasons of going on business there are to make a contract, to discuss different terms of delivery, payment or shipment, to have tests, to do consultancy, to improve once professional skills, to work etc. Represent – natives of the companies make preliminary arrangements in order to meet. Usually itinerary of the trip is carefully planned by the head of the department or an executive. A business trip can be a long term or a short term one.

What is that friendship? I ask myself this question tome and again.

Many people don`t know is that friendship and they find those who they meet, study and work their friendship it`s classmates and colleagues. They are mistaken. It is not friendship. It`s ordinary contact. But what are that friendship and the best friend, as a matter of fact?

What is love? Surely all the people who lived before us on the Earth asked this question, but in the XXI century, we have no answer to this question. If you ask people "What is Love?" they will hardly have enough words to describe it. All people are waiting for it, and everyone seems to know it, when it comes.

Portugal is the land where the earth ends and begins the sea. It is hard to imagine another country whose name is so clear…

Portuguese traditionally distinguished by honesty, here you can be confident that you will surrender without further reminder, you can forget the purse and return to him the next day, having received it safe and sound. Yet now, in Portugal a lot of immigrants and we must be careful, as in the world.

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What is it like to be me? It is a good question. And I think you can get a good answer. Now I have teaching practice at school. I am not exactly sure if I want to be a teacher of English language. I like children as well but sometimes they scream a lot. Today I will have lessons of English language and I am exciting about it now but I do not like to make lesson plans. It is so boring. Every time it is like to be me differently because I am human-being and change my mood. After today teaching practice I plan to go to English Club. It is not far away from my house. Brandon is a volunteer of Peace Corps. In English Club we have some fun activities which I like so much. A few hours ago I read stories of people who were in the United States of America on program Work and Travel. It is so