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German Corporate Culture differs from Anglo-American Corporate Culture significantly. The main difference is that the controlling and managing functions are divided between two branches of authorities. So the management system consists of 2 parts: the Supervision Council and the Governance Cabinet.

Englishmen say "There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes", It means that they like all the seasons, all kinds of weather. Every season is good in its own way. Each person likes this or that season. It depends on his character, mood. They say that Pushkin liked autumn very much. This season is full of colours, bright and tasty. The sky is blue, but sometimes grey clouds appear. The sun shines but it begins to hide behind the clouds. Its rays are not so warm. Autumn is full of vegetables and fruit, mushrooms and berries. There is nothing like Indian summer in autumn. As for me, I like to walk on the carpet of bright leaves listen to the last songs of birds flying to warm countries, look at the nature. It is like a fairy-tale. It fades away and nothing can be done. Soon drizzling rains

Unfortunately, I don`t know answers to many questions I do not understand, why my friends speak only about computer games? Why wars in Afghanistan and Iraq "have not got the end"? I don`t know why people on the North Caucasus can not live without war? I can not understand, why some people deny Jew Holocaust at 2nd world war? Why Ukraine president Viktor Ushenko proclaimed Stepan Bandera national hero of Ukraine? I don`t know, how could London boy gather 270 000$ for Gaitis children?

What is the vital value of the person? Certainly it what values to what aspires and of what he thinks. Different people think differently, will condemn, argue or impose therefore the point of view wrong and even to the inappropriate. One can appreciate work, career, a place in a society; another on the first place puts a family, love and friendship.

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The biggest dream in my life is to visit the UK. I`d like to stay in countries such as England, Scotland and Wales. London is the capital of England and there are many sights such as the Thames, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc. Britain is an amazing country. It hasn`t contact with the European mainland. Britain is an island in the sea. Previously believed, that Britain was the mightiest sea power. I think that now it`s still the same. Of course, Britain is not the only great power. Do not forget about such powers as France, Russia and the United States, but the United Kingdom, on my opinion, is the best of all.