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According to my opinion, the most beautiful place in the world for living is Austria, and particularly the capital of Austria — Vienna.

When I arrived in Vienna the first time, I was impressed by its suitable and very clean roads, tranquil streets, ancient castles, and helpful people. The public transport system is developed very well, and the trip from Vienna International Airport to the heart of the city — St. Stephen`s Cathedral — lasts no more than 30 minutes.

The most memorable public event I`ve ever visited is definitely the Victory Day. It`s is traditionally held on the 9th of May in honour to the USSR victory over the Nazi Germany.

Despite the fact that a lot of cheerful parades are held on this day, I can`t say that this public holiday is a happy day for everyone. On the contrary, many people are sad because their close relatives and friend died on this terrible war! Almost every family in Russia has a person who didn`t return from the battlefield of the most inhuman war ever. It was mostly young and healthy people with great love to their Motherland who had to struggle frantically with terrible enemies. Moreover, many people were seriously injured and became disabled. However, we are happy that our country wasn`t occupied by the

There are many jobs in the world, such as doctor, computer programmer, policeman, farmer, singer, shop assistant, zookeeper, or teacher. And all of them are very important. But now I want to tell you about my favorite job — the veterinarian.

I love animals and I like watching the Animal Planet Channel. There I can find many programs about veterinarians, or about animal cops, who save animals from their cruel owners and find new homes for them.

The second planet from the sun bakes under twice as much solar radiation as Earth and reaches temperatures of 895 degrees Fahrenheit (480 degrees Celsius). Pressure from the dense atmosphere of sulfuric acid gas is about 95 times greater than Earth`s and would crush a human. The thick cloud cover around Venus rotates much faster than the planet itself – once every four days. After the moon, Venus is the brightest object in the sky. The surface of Venus is mostly a rocky desert (this computer-generated view shows lava flows around Sif Mons). Like Mercury, Earth and Mars, Venus is composed of mostly rock and metal. The Greeks believed Venus was two separate objects – one in the morning skyand another in the evening. Because it is often brighter than any other object in the sky – except for

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Saint Valentine’s Day (this name is more common in Russia) and also, known as Valentine`s Day is a holiday which celebrates on February 14 around all over the world every year. Valentine`s Day is a day of love on which lovers express their feelings by doing romantic things such as send Valentine`s cards, present flowers and go for romantic dates. I haven’t met a person who does not know about Saint Valentine’s Day and its history. This special day is associated with symbols such as heart, dove, cards and the figure of the winged Cupid. Valentine`s Day is celebrated in many countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Japan, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Lebanon. In different