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The 20th century saw 2 wars which were full of cruelty and violence. This epoch of the mankind was called "The Era of Genocide" because the most 2 wicked wars of the whole history were based on the international hate ground.

A lot of attempts have been made since then to stop and cease genocide once and forever in the whole world. Several UNO resolutions have been adopted and ratified by the world leading countries as well as by the developing and poor countries, which promised to protect their citizens from this danger. However, these juridical documents haven`t changed the situation significantly.

We live in Usinsk. It`s a small town with the population of about 60 thousand people situated near the river Usa in the north-east of the Komi Republic. Usinsk is young it was founded in 1975. It is a multinational town, the people of many nationalities live here – the Russians, the Ukranians, the Tatars, the Komis, the Bashkirs and so on. The climate is severe, the winter is cold and long it lasts for 6-8 months, the spring and the summer are short and cool. Usinsk district is rich in oil, so they get oil here. There are many industrial enterprises in it connected with oil extraction, they are, and others. There are some joint – ventures such as , , and others where the specialists from Canada, the USA, Great Britain, France work. In autumn 1994 our Usinsk became world – known as the

Nowadays a problem of genetically modified food is widespread all over the world. People worry about their health and the health of descendants, because GM is considered to be very harmful. Along with disadvantages there are advantages, too.

On the one hand, genetically modified food can help humanity to survive. Scientists predict population of our planet to reach 11 billion people and to feed everyone will be critical problem number 1. Firstly, all of sorts of GM plants are stable against illnesses and mean weather. Secondly, they ripenfast and keep longer than usual plants. It can be quite first-rate, because basically soils aren`t so good and the climate is unpredictable. For instance, thus a large number of people who live in Africa will be able to feed their children.

The British, like other people tend to be attributed with certain characteristics, which are supposedly typical. These characteristics are called stereotypes.

The first and the main stereotype about Britain is that it is considered to be the land of tradition. Actually, that is partly true, because British traditions are carefully kept within the country, but on the public level. For instance, the annual ceremony of state opening of Parliament carefully follows customs, which are centuries old. So does the military ceremony of "trooping the colour".

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The world is rapidly changing and nothing remains stable for a long time. The same is true for colleges. They will definitely be different in 2025.

Can you imagine a small town with libraries, theatres, shops and supermarkets and various other amenities? This is how a university campus will look like. You`ll be able to find almost everything on its territory. You`ll keep getting lost for the first time, but after getting a map the problem will be solved.