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Almost everyone likes to travel. Some people like travelling by air. As for me, I’m afraid of this way of journey. But I want to try it in my future life.

Some people like the sea. You can feel the deck of the boat under your feet, the cry of sea-gulls and of course to feel the fresh sea wind. Once I had a cruise by boat. I liked it because it was very amusing and thrilling. We were lucky that the weather was fine and the water wasn’t rough.

Ukraine is a rich farming, industrial and mining region in south-eastern Europe. It is an independent democratic state. Its population is about 52 mln people. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Ukraine have its own-armed forces, and maintain its own diplomatic relations with foreign countries. Ukraine covers about 603.700 sq. km being larger than any country in Western Europe. From east to west Ukraine stretches for more than 1300 km and from north to south for almost 900 km. It borders with Belarus and Russia on the north and on the east. In the south it is bounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. In the west Ukraine is bounded by Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Ukraine is in ideal geographical position for the development of its resources, lying between 440 and 520

You can`t but agree that journalism is a powerful force today, and its importance in our life is gradually increasing. It carries out various functions: informative, ideological, entertaining and many other functions.

In my opinion, providing of information is a main aim of journalism. In fact, human`s life became easier due to it, and now you don`t need to overcome lengthy distances to learn the latest news. Besides, we often face the situation when it is necessary to be well informed about current events to take a right step and not to appear at the crossroads. For example, looking for a job, first of all, you try to understand if it meets your professional ambitions and material requirements. But, certainly, it is impossible to try all professions. That`s why various magazines and editions devoted to the problem of employment are popular nowadays. They help us to gain an understanding of merits and demerits of many professions.

Holidays are memorial data in honour of specific historical events. The ones are very old and come from the ancient times, but the others are quite young.

The first reason to celebrate them is to remember both our predecessors and the features of the antecedency. That also shows our respect to the people who took part in the historical process.

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We go to school, we study to read and write, we start "to be friends" of books. What can be more entertaining, than reading of a good book? Reading, you get in the mysterious and magic world, you are transferred to the remote past or the future.