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Ukraine is a republic. Legislative power belongs to the parliament that is called "Verkhovna Rada." The deputies are elected by secret ballot all over the country. They have meetings when they discuss the problems of the country and new laws. Ukrainian radio and television broadcast the meetings of Verkhovna Rada and everybody can learn what problems the deputies solve. Our people usually listen to the meetings of Verkhovna Rada. You can see and listen to radio sets, that are switched on, in many offices, in buses, in kitchens and many other places. They do not speak loudly and the people do their work and listen to the meetings. The leader of the Verkhovna Rada is called "Holova". He is elected by the deputies. Now the Holova is Alexander Alexandrovich Moroz. Besides, there is a President too. He governs the country with the help of his administration and the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime-Minister. The first president of Ukraine was Leonid Makarovych Kravchuke. Now Leonid Danylovych Kuchma is the president of Ukraine. He is from Dniepropetrovsk and we are proud the fact. In each region there is regional Rada. It governs the region. In Dniepropetrovsk it is headed by Pavlo Ivanovych Lazarenko.

Great Britain is a parliamentary monarchy. It means that there is a Queen (or King) and the Parliament. The Queen has almost no power in the country. Her powers are limited by the Parliament. Laws are made by the Parliament. The Queen is only a formal ruler: she reigns but does not rule. In fact everything that she does is done on the active of her ministers, who are responsible for the royal acts. Thus, most of her functions are symbolic. The United Kingdom is governed by Her majesty`s Government in the name of the Queen.

The British can be particularly and stubbornly conservative about anything which is perceived as a token of Britishness. In these matters, their conservatism can combine with their individualism; they are rather proud of being different. It is: for example, very difficult to imagine that they will ever agree to change from driving on the left-hand side of the road to driving on the right. It doesn’t matter that nobody can think of any intrinsic advantage in driving on the left. Why should they change just to be like everyone else? Indeed, as far as they are concerned, not being like everyone else is a good reason not to change.

The conquest of England by the Normans began in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings where the English fought against the Normans. The conquest was completed in 1071. Who were the Normans who conquered England? Some 150 years before the conquest of England they came to a part of France, opposite England, a part that we call Normandy. There they adopted the Christian faith, the French language and the Roman law. So they became French. The Normans brought to England the French language. After the Norman Conquest there were 3 languages in England. There was Latin, the language of church and the language, in which all learned men wrote and spoke. There was French, the language, which kings and nobles spoke. And finally, there was the English language, which remained the language of the masses of the people. The role of the Norman Conquest was great for the development of feudalism and monarchy in Britain.

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Belarus is Eastern Slavic nation, historically part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Poland and Russia it regained its independence on the 27th of july, 1990. The territory of present-day Belarus was first populated in the Early Stone age by Eastern Slavic tribes, the forebears of the Belorussions are the Krivichi, Radimichi and Dregovichi. With the development of the class society the Eastern Slavic tribes begin to unite and the 1st state appered in the 9th century was Kievan Rus. But in the 14th century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania aannexed in bondage to the Polish lords who exploited them cruelly. In the 18th century Belarus was annexed by Russia. Belarus was the synonymous with poverty and backwardness.