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I would like to go to London. But who wouldn’t? London is the most beautiful city where centuries-old history merged with modernity and post-modernity have created a colorful mix. London is Mecca for cultural exploration. And I do want to explore!

Shakespeare`s literary work is usually divided into three periods. The first period of his creative work falls between 1590 and 1600. Shakespeare`s comedies belong to the first period of his creative work. They all are written in his playful manner and in the brilliant poetry that conveys the spectator to Italy. Some of the first plays of the first period are: "Richard 3" (1592), "The comedy of errors" (1592), "Romeo and Juliet" (1594), "Julius Caesar" (1599), "As you like it" (1599), 1600 – "Twelfth night". Shakespeare`s poems are also attributed to the first period, "Venus and Adonis" and "Lucre", and 154 sonnets. "Venus and Adonis" was the first of Shakespeare`s works that came off the press. The second period of Shakespeare`s creative work during from 1600 to 1608. His famous tragedies

Sometimes in your life and in my life we have difficult moments. I want to share with a secret how to escape such as moments. I have utilized my leadership skills in handling any difficult interactions with someone from another culture or background by compromise. I think it is the best way of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms. For instance, In English Club many people from different cultures, Russians, Kazakhs and one American, go. One day in English Club, one part of the students wanted to have discussion but another part wanted to play a game. I suggested maybe we would do both. At first we had a discussion to warm us up to games and after that we played the game Taboo. Everybody was happy with that compromise. And everybody was pleased and

Scotland is one of four parts of the GB. In area Scotland is more than half as big as England. The principal cities of the country are: its capital Edinburgh and the main industrial center Glasgow. Scottish towns look very different from English towns. Some words about Edinburgh. Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is one of Britain`s most attractive cities. It`s a city for people who like to walk. You are never far from green parks, gardens and hills – even in the main shopping streets. It`s a busy modern city, but the history is everywhere. At the top of the highest hill in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle. It was the home of Scotland`s royal family until 1603 when King James the 6th of Scotland became king of England and moved to London. The road which begins at the castle and goes eastwards is

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Science is a source of progress. It develops the world we live in. Our century is an epoch of great discoveries in science and engineering. It is epoch of scientific and technological revolution, when new ideas are being born and new discoveries, inventions are being made at an ever increasing rate. Today science has become the most important factor in the development of national economy in the whole world. Scientific progress serves the interests of society, helps to increase the well – being of people and develops public education. Computer technology plays the most important role in the progress of science. The ability of computers to solve many mathematical problems more effective than man does, has given rise to new trends in mathematics. Computer science is a new field of study and