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Touring around Britain involves observing various formal ceremonies, so the tourists get an impression that the British are generally formal in their day-to-day behaviour. But it is not true. Everything depends on whether the person is playing a public role or a private one.

They lived in a small village of the Soviet Union. Their house was not big, but very beautiful and cosy. There was a big garden around this house. They usually walked and worked there.

When Misha was seven, he went to school. He was a clever boy and he did very well. Misha had got many friends. They had a good time together. Misha and his friends went to the river, forest and gathered mushrooms, picked berries and flowers. In the evening they played ball and hide-and-seek.

St. Petersburg is a city of magic beauty, a city of white night, broad straight avenues, green parks, countless bridges and canals. The greatest architects of the 18-th and 19-th centuries created magnificent ensembles in our city. St. Petersburg reminds some visitors of Rome others of Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam. But really there is no city in the world like St. Petersburg It s bridges, canals, granite embankments, railings, museums make our city one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you come to the Neva embankment you will certainly see St. Peter and Paul Fortress, Which is considered to be the birthplace of the city. The city started from the small Zayachy Island. It attracted Peter`sattention because of its strategies position. It was here that on the 27th of May 1703 Peter

Tatarstan is a multicultural republic. There sre many various festivals and holidays. Some of them are specific to this or that nation.

I would like to tell you about a very popular, amusing and loved by everybody Tatar national holiday Sabantuy.

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It is quite difficult to call a fish a "pet". For me a pet is an animal that you can pat or stroke. And you cannot stroke a fish, because it is wet and cold. If you do so then it will surely not be pleased like a cat. A fish pet is an excellent variant for those who can admire anything by merely beholding it. I think people who keep fish do not make decisions without carefully thinking everything over. These people like to attend art galleries and read good serious books. There are thousands of kinds of fish in the world, and everyone can find his fish. The world of fish is extremely various. What particularly amazes me is shapes of their bodies and eyes. I find it very curious to watch fish’s eyes. The most colourful and fantastic fish live in tropical seas.