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Actually, I wanted to start this essay with a poem about the city, but unfortunately couldn`t find one. So, I came up with a different beginning.

Our planet is round, very large, with vast territories all over it. Too many people, two many cities, two many and too much… How can we find ourselves in this big world?

I have desided to raise a very intresting and deep topic which opens wide horizons and prospects for humankind. This theme is aboute a new phenomen of our time, which can give food for thought about common future. In 21 centery a new concept was born. This is indigochildren who have been entered by psychic Anne Tap.

Our world is giant and various and there are its own traditions in every corner of the world. Discovering these traditions is very interesting and fruitful, but there are many contradictions about it.

I satisfy myself, communicating with my friend, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. We imagine Americans as people who like to eat very much and who are not well-educated, and they are easy-going. That`s so because our cultures are different from each other. For instance, we took from the American culture network of fast food restaurants, although Americans at the same time try not to go the fast food restaurants.

Many kinds of sport originated from England. The English have a proverb, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". They do not think that play is more important than work; they think that Jack will do his work better if he plays as well, so he is encouraged to do both. Association football, or soccer is one of the most popular games in the British Isles played from late August until the beginning of May. In summer the English national sport is cricket. When the English say: "that`s not cricket" it means "that`s not fair", "to play the game" means "to be fair". Golf is Scotland`s chief contribution to British sport. It is worth noting here an interesting feature of sporting life in Britain, namely, its frequently close connections with social class of the players or spectators except

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Quick quiz: How many planets orbit our Sun? If you said nine, you’re shy by several thousand. Scientists consider asteroids to be minor planets – some are hundreds of miles wide (and seldom round). Orbits Most, but not all, orbit the sun in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The huge gravitational pull of Jupiter accelerated these asteroids to more than three miles per second – too fast to prevent violent collisions. Otherwise, they might have joined up to form "real" planets. When asteroids collide, fragments sometimes are sent on a collision course with Earth and become meteors.