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Gourmets and these who like sweets eat exotic food and famous sweets, but hardly know about the recipes of these dishes. If I were asked, whether I am a sweet tooth, I would say with confidence "yes". I like candies, cakes and biscuits, but I am also not interested in the recipes of the cakes or whatever.

While thinking the idea of my dream hotel, I have sorted lots of variants. For a long time I could not decide which one to choose. And then I thought…

Novgorod is the place where the spirit of ancient Russian land is being kept. Boundless space of The Ilmen Lake, The Volhov river, enormous buildings of The Kremlin, numerous town temples are the monuments of original Novgorodian culture, which were created by hard work and the talent of ancient masters. And we have been saving this entire heritage till this day. That`s why I have created the idea of a hotel in an olden day`s style. But my hotelis not going to a simply new created building with rare inclusions of old days designed furniture. This is going to be much more interesting. The real historical buildings in

I was traveling again together with my daughter. We went to Egypt at the end of October. It was a fascinating travel to exotic country.

We visited Asian part of Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh city. Sinai Peninsula has a view of a tooth on the map, it is surrounded by Suez Canal from on side, by Akabaskiy Canal from the other side and it is Red Sea to the north from it.

There are many miracles on the Earth. I watched films about some of them, I read books, my mother told me about it. Sometimes my dreams were about them too. I was attracted by romantic dreams to appear in those amazing places since childhood and walked through the paths of famous travellers.

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My name is Milena, and I was born in Ukraine, I live here is about 15 years. Ukraine is my Motherland and I`m very proud to live here. So I`d like to tell you about my country.

Ukraine is one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. It is an independent state and it has it`s own government. It has state borders with Russia, Belarus and Moldova. It also borders on Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In the south it is washed by the Black and the Azov seas. The population of Ukraine is about 47 million people.