Что такое настоящий турист – Being a right tourist


I would like to go to London. But who wouldn’t? London is the most beautiful city where centuries-old history merged with modernity and post-modernity have created a colorful mix. London is Mecca for cultural exploration. And I do want to explore!

But my craving for London is far from being purely selfish. It’s a desire to help the British capital which is struggling with economic hardship due to the economic crisis. Londoners are losing their jobs, they have stopped going to pubs and buying some nice things that only this city can offer.

Forget about the culture – Londoners are too busy trying with everyday survival. In times like this London needs understanding tourists like me – who would come and spend money to support the local economy; who would come and admire the city to save its self-esteem, pride and glory. London needs me and I need London.

I’m almost serious. I seriously want those boutiques, that culture and admirable landscapes. London has a great deal to offer. I have something to offer too.

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