Composition with phrases of comparison as…as


Once time I walked in the street and saw girl. She was as pretty as a picture. She wanted to me to get acquainted with her. Seems to me it was as easy as a pie. But she was like strong nut to crack.

Coming to her, I am, as brave as a lion, as cool as cucumber and as free as a bird, talk to her:

-Dear, allow me to meet with you. I am as dead as doornail from your beauty.

But she answered to me:

-Go away; you are as silly as a goose. You are as drunk as a lord.

I told to her:

-You are as like as two peas similar to the girl of my dream. I am as steady as a rock. You can rely on me.

-On your paunch I see that you as greedy as a pig.

I became as black as a thunder, but… I found the exit:

-It is the love holds me apart. You are my destiny.

-You are as mad as a hatter. We are different with you like chalk and cheese. We can’t be together.

-I am as obstinate as a mull and will achieve your recognition. Am I as slippery as an eel? I’m as fresh as a cucumber and ready to the new aspirations.

Madam tried to resist me:

-I’m as busy as a bee. I haven’t time to be engaged in nonsense.

And here my heart hasn’t sustained:

-Ok, today you are the winner. But I’m as good as one’s word, and remember: you will be mine. Let not at once, but you’ll become.

She has lovely smiled, having turned pale as the death, was unwrapped, and, clinking heels, has disappeared behind the corner.

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