День Валентина – Valentine`s Day


Saint Valentine’s Day (this name is more common in Russia) and also, known as Valentine`s Day is a holiday which celebrates on February 14 around all over the world every year. Valentine`s Day is a day of love on which lovers express their feelings by doing romantic things such as send Valentine`s cards, present flowers and go for romantic dates. I haven’t met a person who does not know about Saint Valentine’s Day and its history. This special day is associated with symbols such as heart, dove, cards and the figure of the winged Cupid. Valentine`s Day is celebrated in many countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Japan, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Lebanon. In different

Counties Saint Valentine’s Day is named the others ways, for example, in Portugal – “Boy-Girlfriend`s Day”, in Catalonia – “Saint George`s Day”, in Sweden – “All Hearts` Day”, in Finland – “Friend`s day”, in Turkey – “Sweethearts` Day”, in Brazil – “Day of the Enamored” and in South America – “Love and Friendship Day” or “Secret friend”. I know a couple who marriages on February 14. In this day flies flowers and love in air even if the winter is in a street. Soon Valentine’s Day will come and I wish you find your perfect Valentine!!!

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