Дорогой мне человек – The dearest person to me


The closest and dearest person in everyone`s life is his or her mother. Mothers never forget about their child, all their thoughts are with him or her. Mother`s love is sincere and pure.

My mother is a very beautiful and a very independent woman. She never asks anyone for help, she understands you and supports you in hard situations.

I have always been her pride and she encouraged me in all my achievements. For me she is the most beloved person in the world. We trust each other so much, I can tell her about my troubles and I`m sure that my mum will help me and give me a piece of good advice.

    Mom, you`repatient when I`m foolish, You give guidance when I ask. It seems you can do most anything; You`re a dependable source of comfort; I love you more than you know. If I had my choice of mothers, You`d be the one I`d select! And thank you for it all!

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