Hot Dog


Most people know what a hot dog is. It is a sausage in a roll. But do you know why it’s called a hot dog? Well, the long red sausage which goes into a hot dog is called a frankfurter; it got its name from the German town of Frankfurt. The sausages were very popular in the 1900s but hot frankfurters were difficult to sell in crowds.

One man, Harry M. Stevens, had the job of feeding the crowds in baseball games. He had an idea! Why not put the frankfurters in long hot bread rolls?

The “red-hots” had a hot and spicy taste and became very popular. But, in iyU3, an American cartoonist drew a long German sausage dog in place of the frankfurter. Today were both long, and “German”, so a frankfurter in a roll soon became known as a “Hotdog” It was a joke, but some people really thought the sausages contained dog meat! For a while, sales of hotdogs fell but not for a long!

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