Joseph Haydn’s First Opera


When Haydn, a well – known Austrian composer, was about eighteen years old he sang in a chorus. But when he could not sing any longer he lost his place as a chorister. At first he didn’t know what to do and began playing the violin in the streets of Vienna, at dances. Very often he composed music himself. One day Haydn’s friends asked him to write music to play under the window of a well -known clown Bernardone Curtz by name. When the young composer did it they went to the house where Curtz lived and played it. Curtz liked the beautiful melody so much that he gave Haydn some verses and asked to write an opera.

Haydn began to work. At first everything went well till he came to the place where there was a description of a storm at a sea.

“How can I set a storm at sea to music when I have never seen the sea?” Said Haydn. So Haydn came up to the piano and began trying all kinds of melodies. At last he crashed his hands down upon the piano and cried out; “Damn the storm!” “That’s it! That’s it!” cried Curtz, jumping up of his chair, “Go on like that”. Many years had passed since the composer’s name became famous all over the world. He was written wonderful music to many operas but the storm in his first opera was unforgettable for him. He always laughed when he thought of it.

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