Каково это жить в маленьком городке Талдыкоргане!


Many people, who live in a small town, daydream about what it would be like to get out of their towns (Sometimes I daydream about it, too because I am young and want to see how the other people live and to know something new which I have never met before. But I adore my hometown!!! They told that their towns were boring but I find interesting to live in a small town which is called Taldykorgan.

I have lived In Taldykorgan since I was born there. For example, we (my friends, my mum and of cause I) went skating a few hours ago. And it had a lot of fun. Tomorrow Iam going to English club. People who do not want to live in a small town because they find it very boring. But I believe it depends on what kind of person you are. If you are boring, it will be boring for you everywhere probably even in a big big big city. But if you can entertain yourself, you will have fun everywhere. Finally, if you want you can find pluses and mines everywhere because it depends on your attitudes. As for me, one of the best pluses of living in Taldykorgan is clear air. Also, people who live around you!

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