Мои достижения! – My accomplishments!


The biggest accomplishment that I am proud is being so purposeful. For instance: my goal was to know English very well. I took part in many competitions, Olympiads and contests where I took several times the first and second places. Every year I get some certifications. It has become my tradition. For example: last year I had “Radiance Retreat” recognition of leadership and personal development; this year I have “Certificate for the successful completion of nine-week summer English Literature Course”. I like setting goals for myself and trying to achieve them.

Another of my accomplishments is to be active and competitive. That is why I would like to participate in many activities as much as I can. I like trying something new for me. It is so exiting to

Have new feelings, new emotions and new experiences. As everybody knows that life is short, and there are a lot of wonderful things in the world. I do not want to miss anything of them and have the feeling that I lose something. That is why I am really interested in participating in many activities and organizations. For example, I have sent about four essays on International Essay Competition which is organized by the company “City & Guilds”.

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