My working day


My working day begins early in the morning. Frankly speaking, my mother calls me sleepy head, she i me every morning at 7 o’clock , because I don’t hear my alarm clock. I make my bed, switch on mv| recorder and do morning exercises to the music. It gives me energy for the whole day. Then I go bathroom, clean my teeth, wash my face and hands, dry on the towel, comb my hair and put my shi trousers on. After that I put my books and necessary things into my school bag.

At half past 7 I am ready to have breakfast. I like to have tea with some sandwiches for breakfast. W| have my meals I usually listen to the news on the radio. Then I put my jacket and cap on and rush to schq usually takes me 10 minutes to get to school because I live not far from h\On my way to school I often me classmates and we go on together.

My classes begin at 8.30 a.m. and last till 3 p.m. Usually I have six lessons a day.

When my classes are over, I come home and I have dinner at once because I’m hungry as a hunter. I| soup, salad and potato with sausage and a cup of coffee. Then I clear away the dishes and wash up.

My friends attend musical school or an arts school. As for me I attend the basket-ball group three tin week. Very often I play football or tennis with my friends on our sportsground or read an interesting book i hour. Twice a week I help my mother about the house. It’s my duty to wash the floor.

At 6 o’clock I usually have tea with bread and butter for supper. I begin to do my home work at 7 o’cl It takes me two hours to do everything. After that I like to watch interesting films on TV and at 10 o’clock, i tired, I go to bed.

  • 1 .When do you usually get up?
  • 2.Who wakes you in the morning?
  • 3.Do you do morning exercises?
  • 4.What time do you go to school?      
  • 5.How much time does it take you to get to school?
  • 6.How many lessons have you every day?
  • 7.When do your classes begin?
  • 8.What do you do in the evening?
  • 9.Do you help your mother about the house?
  • 10. When do you go to bed?


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