No Problem


My Uncle Albert was just beginning to make his fortune and he had been invited to a big party in Manchester. The invitation was for Mr. Albert Hobdell and Lady. Uncle Albert hadn’t a wife so he took his mother with him, my grandmother; he was very proud of his mother, even if she wasn’t a “lady”. Well they happened to sit next to a woman (or should I say a “lady”?) who was very anxious that you should know how much jewellery she had and how wealthy she was. “I clean my diamonds with warm water”, she said.” My rubies with red wine, my emeralds with brandy and my sapphires with fresh milk. What do you do?” she said, turning to Albert’s mother.

“Oh! I don’t clean mine at all,” she said smilingly, “when they get dirty, I just throw them away.”

 The words in A are in the text. Match the words in A with thew definitions in B.

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