Огонь путешествий – Fire of travel


There is one kind of people who can`t stand at one place for a long time. Our family belongs to this kind. From time to time fire of travel burns in our souls. And when this fire attains the highest top we set off.

There aren`t any things more beautiful than the road – whether it`s night or day, whether it`s cold winter or hot summer – a grey ribbon of road-way leads us to brand new day. And there aren`t any things more melodious than the rumble of the engine, noise of furiously revolving wheels and sounds of favourite music! Views are rushing past, the weather is changing and time is measuring in kilometres at that moment.

Thanks to our car we have visited places like that: Mountainuos Shorya (Sheregesh), Mountainuos Altay (lake Teletskoye, banks of the river Katun). We fascinated by rafting, besides that our family is inveterate mountain-skiers – it`s so exciting!

Recently, on Christmas holidays, we again have visited Sheregesh. The weather was extremely cold. On the last day of our journey it was -30 celsius. Almost after every descent we warmed at a cafe near by: we drank hot tea, talked about our impressions. Sometimes we got so frozen that only mulled wine saved us.

The nature struck me with magnificy. It was frozy, clean beauty; trees were covered by hoar-frost, like in a fairy-tale. From the top of the Green mountain we saw an unbeliveable viev of the mountain ranges. Usually I descent very fast from the top(over 5 minutes) , but in spite ofthe frost, I stopped and looked at the mountain ranges, which were lit up by the sun. It was so fabulous like if I could fly.

Thanks to our journeys to different points of our country I have understood that the weather can`t be bad, there is only unwillingness of advance to brand new day.

I hope that my composition has brought a new meaning in your life – fire of travel!

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