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by: Ramon
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 We listen to it everywhere – on the road, at work, during sports, during rest, lying in the bathroom, taking food and even .reading a book or magazine. For many people, music has become an integral part of life, it is very difficult to find a person who would be cold to her. 94% segami cannot find, and only use what we have. Everyone has their own preferences, favorite styles and artists, for some listening to music is a way to relax, and for others a way of self-expression. With the help of music you can protest and stand out from the crowd. But how comes to the people.Some buy CDs with albums of favorite artists, while others download it on the Internet. Download music-does not always mean to buy a pirated copy, because the disc may be unlicensed. On the Internet there are sites where you can buy licensed records and download them via the Internet, as well as have the opportunity to order a disc with records delivered by mail. But still, most network users try to download music for free .On the one hand, it is a blow to the owner of the rights to record music, that is, to the performer.On the other hand, many young artists and bands are trying to distribute records with their creativity through the Internet, as the coverage of the audience in the network is truly huge and it does not require much time and money. Still, any musician requires an audience that is listening and waiting for new songs and you can earn at concerts, and advertising. The lion's share of music, which is distributed on the Internet, is in MP3 format .This format is convenient to use, as it can play all modern music players and songs in this format will not take much memory on digital media. Although it has a small drawback – it is a loss of sound quality. But it is so insignificant that a person who is not professionally engaged in music will not feel the difference. The main purpose of music is to give the listener pleasure, and how it gets to him is his personal business.

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