Почему подростки выбирают субкультуру? – Why do teens chose a subculture?


Period of life of every man, when he is a teenager, is very difficult and important. Man chooses way of life, forms beliefs and system of values. Teenage years open self-reliance or nonreliance in man. I think subculture is formed by confident, interesting people. Such people are named rebels. Teenagers want to be similar with their idols. They have superficial opinion, knowledge about subculture. Authority is very important thing for teens. Authority, his image live in the head of teen, it helps to know about priopritets, ideals, desires of teen. If parents are authorities, it is well and teen won`t occur on bad situation.

Is every subculture a bad company? I think not. Many people think that subculture is a company with stupid severe teenagers. Splin, gormons, doubt of teenage years influence on choice of subculture. Teen can show his individuality, teen expresses diagreement with parents and the world. If teenager belongs to some subculture, it means he doesn`t see comprehensin from parents, teachers, other people. But teen can be curious and he enters the subculture, because it`s interesting and fun.

I don`t think that subculture is a universal evil, because it doesn`t bring death and a lot of tears. I hope what teens, who belong to some subculture, wiil have seek in life. And they will remember about heir teenage years with smile and without bitter regrets.

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