Помогите птицам зимой! – Help the birds in winter!


Winter has come. Everything is covered with snow. It seems that all sink into the dream. The grass, the bushes and the trees stand stock – still. A lot of animals are stiff with cold, but they don`t die.

It is not bad if you have the warm dens or nests. And it is well if you have the stock of food. You can eat and sleep, having the nice dreams.

And what about the birds?

Some of them fly to the warm countries, but there are many of them, who stay at home. Their life depends on our kindness and charity.

Winter is the time of hunger andcold. Just at this time the birds have need of our help. They don`t ask a lot! You can give them some grain, crumbs of bread or a piece of fat.

Thus you`ll save a lot of birds!

Help the birds in winter and in summer

They`ll devote you their best songs and eat all wreckers in your kitchen – garden!

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