Royal Shakespeare Theatre


Stratford is only a small country town, standing on the banks of the peaceful Avon. This river runs slowly past the green meadows, never hurrying. April 23rd, Shakespeare’s birthday, is the greatest day in the year at Stratford. That day in 1879, the first Memorial Theatre was opened with a Shakespeare Festival. From that time, Festivals were held for a few weeks every year. In 1926 Stratford’s theatre was burned to the ground. The present Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, an excellent modern building of red brick, was opened in 1932.

The Theatre is now one of the most comfortable and best equipped in the world, with its own workshops, library, picture gallery and restaurant. The whole season the Theatre gives only Shakespeare’s plays. It is a great pleasure to see here “Romeo and Juliet”, “Twelfth Night”, “Hamlet” and many others.

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