Рождественская история – A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol is a screen version of a famous classical novel written by Ch. Dickens. The film was shot in 3-D animation. The main idea of the film – you will not find your happiness if you are too rich and at the same time you are niggard – runs though every scene of the film. Scrooge had a huge sum of money and he has only one pleasure in his life – the clanging of coins. He refused to celebrate Christmas and he cannot stand the talk to his nephew. His nephew is poor but he is pleased to celebrate Christmas and there are guests in his house. There is an interesting illustration (talk) to the nephew attitude to his uncle: (guests were playinga guessing game naming the animals) "Is it a horse?" "No." "Is it a cow?" "No." "A dog, then?" "No." "An ass?" "Well…yes and no…?" "Oh! I know who is he – it is your uncle, Scrooge." "Yes." Well, as a punishment Uncle Scrooge will see the ghosts of the past, present and future but first he will meet his partner. The ghosts will frighten Scrooge making attempts to change Scrooge for the better.

This film has a linear plot and it is more suitable for children though the scenes of London are rather dark. This film is great due to its special effects and 3-D animation – it is fantastic when you are able to fly over the streets of London. I had a great pleasure to try this effect and I have a desire to watch something else in 3-D. This animation-comedy helps you to plunge into the atmosphere of the Christmas and enjoy yourself, so it is nice to go to the cinema and watch it again next year before Christmas. After you come out of the cinema, I guess you will feel the snow falling and you will be overflowed by the joyous energy of the coming Christmas!

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