С Новым годом! – Happy New Year!


All people celebrate New Year. I and my family celebrate New Year too. We have a New Year party at home. This year I am going: to help my mum about home, to be nice to my little sister, to do exercises every morning, not to be late for school.

My family had a Cristmas tree home. We decorated the tree with colorful lights and toys.

My mother put presents for us under the tree. We went to my grandmother`s place. My aunt, uncle and brother were also there. We spent a very nice day. We had New Years supper. Then we went bang fireworks.

I had got a lot of presents. I like them all. But most of allI liked the disc with computer games, which my mother and my father presented.

I like New Year because I dont go to school.

On this New Years holiday I shall travel to

Velikiy Ustug with my friends.

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