Peoples who lived in woodless areas, like Eskimos, used round or oval skis, which helped their feet from sinking in snow.oaen SKIS OI turoDcan neomes were narrow ana lone and allowed sliding over nam snow, in Scandinavian countries sKimg was nrst practised as a sport. 1 =The first ski-races were held in 1866 in Norway, and the first skiing school opened

in 1879 in Norway also. The famous traveller and scientist R Nansen crossed | Greenland on skis for the first time, covering a great distance. In 20th century: downhill racing became very popular in Europe. In downhill racing skiers must pass the trees and bushes on the way and several gates – it is slalom competitions. Olympic skiing championship began in 1924. The first ski championship in ski racing was held in 1919, and ski jumping championship in 1926. The names of famous skiers are Vasiliev, Kolchin, Vedenin, Kulakova and many others.

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