The Sea on Strike


Many years ago, a London theatre performed a play with a terrible storm at sea in one of the scenes. The waves were made by some boys who jumped up and down under a large piece of green cloth. Each boy received a shilling a night for his work. The play was very popular and the hall was usually full. But the director of the theatre wanted to make still more money from the performances, and he decided to lower the boy’s pay from a shilling to sixpence. This made the boys angry, and they decided to go on strike for a shilling a night.

 During the next performance, when the storm began, there was enough loud noise on the stage, but the sea was absolutely calm, not one wave could be seen. The theatre director immediately run behind the stage, raised a corner of the green cloth and shouted, “Waves! Waves! Why aren’t you making waves?” One of the boys sitting under the cloth asked him,” Do you want sixpenny waves or shilling waves?”

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