The sweetest bun


That is the fun. I gaily sing the whole day long While walking up and down the street. You like by bread, you like my song, You like my buns, so brown and sweet. Now be quick!  Once there was a man who went to the market every day. He always went there at the same time and he always bought five loaves of bread.

One of his friends often saw him when he was going home with his five loaves of bread. One day he stopped the man and said, “I meet you almost every day, and I always see you with five

loaves of bread. Why do you always buy five loaves, no more and no less?” “I lend two and with the other two I pay my debts”. “I do not understand you”, said the friend. “Oh, well, my wife and I eat one loaf, I give two loaves to my children, and two loaves to my father and mother”, said the man.

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