The Wanderer of the Winds and Waves


The mystery of the “Marie Celeste” is a story of the old days of the sailing fleet. Every trip in those days was an adventure and tragedies were many. It happened in 1872. An American brig was crossing the Atlantic from New York to Portugal and was somewhere near the Azores when Captain Moorhouse saw another brig on the skyline. He recognized it as the “Marie Celeste” which he had seen some weeks ago leaving New-York. Captain Briggs, master of the “Marie Celeste” had taken his wife and his two-year-old daughter on the trip. Soon Captain Moorhouse saw that something was wrong on the “Marie Celeste”.

 She was sailing in a strange way. When the two ships came nearer, nobody could be seen on deck. Captain Moorhouse went to the brig in a boat. But he found nobody there. All the people had left the ship for some reason. What was the reason? There was no sign of any damage. Everything was in good order. What had happened that every man had left a good ship in the middle of the Atlantic and disappeared? That is the question many people have tried to answer since that winter of 1872. But no one will ever know it, for not a man who had left” Marie Celeste” was ever seen again. Captain Moorhouse and his men found no signs of panic on board the “Marie Celeste”. In captain Brigg’s cabin his watch still hung on the wall.

On the table lay a letter someone had just begin to write. The ships papers had gone but the log as there. In some of the men’s boxes there was money. Clothes hung on a string. The most interesting was the fact that someone had cut out a piece of planking above the water line. But why? One theory was that the crew had opened one of the barrels of wine and got drunk. Perhaps they had killed the officers and cut off the planking so that it looked like a catastrophe. After that the crew left the ship in one of the boats. But against this theory was the fact that there were away everybody. And the “Marie Celeste” sailed away leaving the people in the ocean. The story of the brig remains a mystery to this day.

  • In 1862.
  • From New York to Portugal.
  • Captain Briggs.
  • She was two years old.
  • He found nobody there.
  • No one will never know it.
  • Ship papers had gone.
  • Someone had cut out apiece of planking.
  • In one of the boats.
  • No, it remains a mystery to this day.


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