Твір на тему Моє відвідування театру естради


COMPOSITION MY LAST VISITING THE VARIETY THEATRE. Last month my friend telephoned me and said that the famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak would come to our city at the end of the month. She would give only one concert at the Variety Theatre. Ukrainian singers and dancers would take part in the concert too. I was very glad to hear that, because I like this singer very much, and 1 am fond of modern music. So we decided to go to the box office to buy the tickets beforehand. It was very difficult to get tickets.

At last we took our seats in the hall. We had good seats in the eleventh row opposite the stage. During the first part of the concert the singer sang beautiful Ukrainian folk and popular songs about our country, the beauty of its nature, its people. The audience broke into applause after every song. In the second part of the concert Ani Lorak sang popular songs in English, Russian and Ukrainian. I enjoyed the concert very much because

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