В зоопарке – In the Zoo


My name is Vika. I`m 10 and I`m in the 5th form. I live in Bataysk. Last year I and my family were in the Zoo. We went to Rostov. I remember the day was sunny and very hot. The Zoo was big and beautiful. There were many cages with animals. The animals were so poor because hot. A poor brown bear lied in the bath in his cage! And only monkeys were happy. They jumped and ate bananas. I saw many animals in there. They were: a lion, a brown bear, a fox, a goat, a wolf, the monkeys, the parrots, the penguins, a deer and a giraffe. They were so funny and beautiful. But as for me the giraffes were the best in the Zoo. They were high and had unusual and beautiful eyes! That day was my favorite summer day! I thanked my parents that we were there.

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