За что я люблю зиму? – Why do I like winter?


Winter has come. It is cold. It freezes hardly. The earth is covered with deep snowdrifts. Lakes and rivers are frozen over. Trees are wrapped up with the silver shawl. You can not hear the singing of birds. The winter landscape blows the happy and the sad mood at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful season. Sometimes the long cold winter evenings seem to be endless. But I don`t afraid to catch a cold on the contrary I feel the fresh surge of energy. There are a lot of merry entertainments in winter which we do not have in other seasons. We can ski, skate and sledge. A lot of Russia poets were delighted with winter, so they wrote a lot of wonderful poems. I understand the delight of the poets. The winter landscape always strikes my imagination. Winter is my favorite season

Because it is wonderful and beautiful in winter. People are often sad. But as for me, every year I wait impatiently for winter because I want to admire once again the splendid winter landscape.

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